Want to help manage a creative studio? 

Maybe herd some cats?

Nicework is looking for a junior project manager to join our team. If you are someone who understands creative services, is hyper-organised, awesome at communicating and motivating people while still driving the commercial aspect of the business, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you the kind of person who likes to deal with clients in a calm and courteous way

You are:

  • Very, very organised
  • Detail orientated
  • Capable of looking at projects from a macro and micro perspective and are comfortable zooming in and out of these mindsets
  • At your best around people and are possess the subtlety of thought to push or give as needed
  • A fast learner
  • The kind of person who can pick a problem apart and see the wood for the trees
  • Great at making lemonade when there are lemons only
  • Open, honest and articulate in written and verbal communication
  • Able to think for yourself and can function with ambiguity
  • Capable of surviving periods of high pressure without melting down
  • In possession of at least a bachelor's degree (unless you are some kind of savant)
  • Fiercely committed to the commercial aspect of business and can keep projects on budget and within deadline
  • Clear and decisive with your feedback and guidance to your team mates

Your Primary Responsibilities:

  • Managing and negotiating with external suppliers and freelancers
  • Support the management team, in particular senior project managers
  • Work with clients and creative team to define project goals, milestones and timelines
  • Deploy resources to complete projects
  • Manage time and project progress
  • Address hiccups early and decisively
  • Scope and cost proposed projects
  • Reconcile project budgets to include time and suppliers
  • Management of the creative team
  • Client liaison and expectation management
  • Commercialisation wherever appropriate
  • Facilitation of internal and client-side meetings and communication either face to face, via Basecamp or Skype
  • Quality control of studio work output

Your role will include:

  • Assist the project manager
  • Manage the company calendar
  • Keep our project management software Basecamp up to date
  • Bridge creative and production
  • Run a daily team huddle
  • Deep understanding of our projects and where we are in the process with them
  • Facilitate us delivering greatness to our clients
  • Get inputs the team needs to complete their work
  • Make sure your team has everything they need to do their job smoothly
  • Making sure the team is on track with projects and deadlines
  • Manage and interface with client expectations
  • Produce film shoots
  • Dance occasionally
  • Participate in brainstorms

Other expectations

  • Organise and run CreativeMornings Johannesburg
  • Keep the office running smoothly
  • Help catalogue and manage the Nice Work library
  • Build a library of reusable Nicework elements
  • Have an understanding of our clients and what services we offer them
  • Clean and clear communication

Nicework is a great place to work. You will grow, learn and have fun doing it. We built the business to feel like a family and everyone here has everyone else’s back. It’s not for everyone but you are not just anyone now are you?

Please send a cover letter with your application. It should include your take on who Nicework is, what our value proposition is and who our clients are.

How to apply

If this sounds like the shizzle, please send a short email to join @ nicework dot co dot za. Put the position you're applying for and your name in the subject line. Include some information about yourself and why you think would be an asset to the business. Don't forget to attach your CV.

Public service announcements:

  1. Proofread! Make sure the spelling, punctuation and language are good. Show that you care :)
  2. If you are from a recruitment agency, please do not get in touch. We understand that you are trying to do your job, but there is no honey here. Sorry.