Are you an awesome senior designer? 


Are you a smart talented human? Do you have 5 years experience in graphic design or art direction? Want to be part of a small design family, work across a variety of mediums and clients? Speak directly to the people you are doing work for? Well then, Nicework might be the place for you! 

Nicework is a communications agency. We help our clients to communicate better to their audience. Our services include branding, graphic design, presentations, websites and video and animation. Our clients are medium to large companies including (Foodcorp, Oreo, Standard Bank, Eskom, DCD and others).


Things we need from you:

  • Able to think for yourself and can function with ambiguity
  • In possession of at least a bachelors degree (unless you are some kind of savant in which case you will have you prove it)
  • Proud of your talent and willing to apply it
  • Capable of surviving periods of high pressure without melting down
  • Sure you can execute world class design
  • Sensitive to the commercial aspect of business
  • Good at running brainstorms or workshops and participating in meetings
  • Brilliant at crafting concepts into presentations that convince your audience
  • Able to present to a room full of people and sell the crap out of the work (calm down – we will never make you sell a rubbish idea)
  • Clear and decisive with your feedback and guidance to your team mates in studio
  • Ok with being a mentor, (gently) pushing and growing your team mates
  • Happy to assist the production team to scope and cost work
  • Having fun now and want to have more
  • Basic project management skills
  • Proven ability to work in the following areas:
    • Graphic design
    • Branding
    • Web
    • Print
    • Presentations
    • Animation
    • Illustration
    • DTP
  • Quality control of external suppliers
  • Management and development of client relationships (we all do this - that’s part of the whole family thing)
  • Various administration tasks (lucky fish!)
  • Participation in Nicework marketing (
  • Contribute to CreativeMornings Johannesburg (


Bonus points if you can:

  1. Write code
  2. Write copy
  3. Can do basic video editing
  4. Understand animation and broadcast design


How to apply:

1. Fill in this form:

2. Send your CV, portfolio and a cover letter to Your cover letter should give us a brief outline of what you know about Nicework, what our value proposition is and how you see yourself adding value. Applicants that ignore this will, in turn, be ignored like steamed veggies at a braai.


Public service announcements:

  1. Proofread! Make sure the spelling, punctuation and language are good. Show that you care :)

  2. Be aware: Sometimes the hours are long

  3. If you are from a recruitment agency, please do not get in touch. We understand that you are trying to do your job, but there is no honey here. Sorry.


Nicework is a great place to work. You will grow, learn and have fun doing it. We built the business to feel like a family and everyone here has everyone else’s back. Its not for everyone but you are not just anyone now are you?