Nicework is looking for a committed, clever, people to join the team. We are growing fast and if you are the right candidate your days will be filled with interesting work, friendly chatter, baked goods and personal growth.


Want to do you internship here? We have a whole intern challenge laid out for you. Click here to experience it.


What's life at NW like?

Unlike anywhere else you've ever worked...

  • Your team mates will be smart, talented and all a bit crazy. This is the way we like it

  • There are no client service people. Clients talk to the people that are doing their work

  • You'll have a lot of responsibility, but because we are a family, never be alone when the going gets tough

  • Management loves you and encourages learning (even if it's a flower arranging course). This means you become a better human - good for everyone

  • Your input (and output) will be appreciated and taken seriously regardless of your role

  • We will sing drunken karaoke. Work is not the only thing that matters

  • The work you do will be varied and stimulating

How does Nice work?

  • Lots of email, calls, Skype, Hangouts, Google Chat and face to face interaction

  • Basecamp to track our projects

  • Various other tools to cover time tracking, accounting and other admin

  • 8ish to 6ish, 5 days a weekish. Sometimes long hours are necessary

  • A weekly status and daily huddles to celebrate wins, flag issues and balance work load


  • We are a 2min walk from the Rosebank Mall

  • Lots of baked goods

  • Flexible leave. You are a responsible adult and we know that you might need a couple of days off for your ayahuasca retreat

  • Very beautiful office with spaces to work and relax

  • We are the Johannesburg chapter of CreativeMornings - a breakfast lecture for creatives held once a month in about 100 cities all over the world. It's a whole lot of fun and you will meet interesting people

The process

We are lucky enough to get hundreds of applications for each position, so please make sure your spelling is perfect and your application is well considered. The process goes like this:

  1. You send your CV and a cover letter (details at the end of each job posting)

  2. General application form (which we will send you)

  3. Job application form

  4. If we are a fit, we will schedule a call

  5. Then a face to face interview

  6. Possibly another (sorry, we have to all be sure :)

The last step is to do a small project together. The duration and amount of work is varied depending on requirements and your time availability (aka commitment). We will pay you for this work.

If we work well together, you'll get a job offer by carrier pigeon. This is followed by a 3 month induction period in which you will work through the induction process (some serious, some silly). After that, we'll regroup and plan the next year!

Don't freak out, this is for the benefit of us both. People who do well on the test project stay with us over 90% of the time. 

We are lucky enough to get hundreds of applicants. This means we sometimes are not able to get back to all of you. If your application is successful we will be in touch. Please refrain from calling and visiting our office!

Also, for the love of all that is good, include your portfolio - we can not hire you on hopes, dreams and a CV your mom helped with :)