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Nicework is looking for a committed, clever, creative web developer to join the cult  team. We are growing fast and if you are the right candidate you will be the boss of many people and things (unless you want to be left alone to wrangle your text editor (which is OK too)).

We’re based in Milpark right behind 44 Stanley and near to amazing coffee shops, restaurants and major roads. Additional perks are a ton of baked goods and flexible leave. 

As a Niceworkian you will help deliver exceptional websites to a number of medium to large clients. You’ll need a great eye for design and be able to bridge the gap between those that do not easily grasp the more technical aspect of your world. This means you’re articualate and patient :)


  • Are a go getter
  • Can apply your mind when things are unclear and propose the best way forward
  • Have deep experience with HTML, CSS and Wordpress
  • Are not stuck in 2006 and so think mobile first
  • Can do the PHP, MySQL and server side deployment without tears
  • Are very comfortable with Adobe Creative Suite

Your responsibilities:

  • Help develop information architecutre that is appropriate for clients’ audience
  • Make sure the user experience is intuitive and functonal in the early stages of the project
  • Propose and explain technical decisions early and throughout a project that support the design team
  • Push the clients and creatives to try new things based on your ongoing research into these fields
  • Work with project managers and other team mates to estimate and deliver projects within deadline and budget
  • Test, optimise and ensure efficiency overall on web projects

How to apply
If this sounds like the shizzle, please send a short email to join @ nicework dot co dot za. Put the position you're applying for and your name in the subject line. Include some information about yourself and why you think would be an asset to the business. Don't forget to attach your CV. 

Public service announcements:

  1. Proofread! Make sure the spelling, punctuation and language are good. Show that you care :)
  2. If you are from a recruitment agency, please do not get in touch. We understand that you are trying to do your job, but there is no honey here. Sorry.