Are you digitally inclined? 

We are looking for person to expand and lead our digital services. Are you able to understand our clients problems, develop solutions for them and explain complex things in simple language. Nicework is looking for someone to make our clients feel loved and understood but also to convince them to do all of the crazy things we want them to. You are going to need to balance internal and external people in an agile environment. We’re looking for someone who cares about: people, design and technology and who knows how to make digital work for people, as well as a bit of making things that are not working work.

As a manager of digital projects you’ll work in a multidisciplinary team, alongside visual designers, project managers, researchers and developers, to deliver word-class, user-centred digital solutions for Nicework’s clients and their customers. Our team is growing and this role is key to that.  It will involve working hard, drinking tea and having fun.

Salary range of R40 000 - R65 000

You are

  • 7 - 10 years of working experience delivering digital projects

  • Experience with setting up and managing:

    • Google Analytics

    • Google Tag Manager

    • Google Search Console

    • Other cool shit Google makes

  • Good understand of search engine optimisation (i.e. working knowledge of off-page and on-page SEO)

  • Good understanding of CRM concepts and metrics

  • Experience in projects web and developing for it

  • You are a social butterfly and love social media concepts and metrics

  • Paid for advertising concepts and metrics make you very excited

  • Good understanding of email marketing and marketing automation technology

  • Highly analytical and able to derive meaning from data through A/B testing and optimisation

  • Excellent writer and communicator

  • Interested in the evolution of digital and keep tabs on where it is going

Your Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with our clients to develop their digital product/service strategy and roadmap

  • Create an pitch proposals to prospective clients

  • Define and lead projects through requirements sessions with clients and our internal teams

  • Explain complex things in a simple way

  • Like to work in an environment where you are free to define your own destiny

  • Workshops

    • Run collaborative workshops with our clients

    • Develop and deliver new collaborative workshops with clients

  • Develop and sell digital products

  • Manage and grow digital maintenance contracts

  • Understand our clients, their industries, markets and competitors

  • Understand the users needs and deliver digital products/services related to those needs on behalf of clients

  • Write requirements documentation, costing and proposals

  • Work with the Nicework design and projects team to deliver projects

  • Hire and build an internal team

  • Work with technology and digital marketing partners to deliver digital projects

  • Understand the various technologies that would be used during some digital projects

  • Deliver in Agile/Scrum or waterfall methodologies

  • Project manage technology, digital marketing partners as and when required

  • Track and report project success measurements and customer feedback

  • Consistently ensure overall product quality

Bonus points if you can:

  • Can create PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

  • Knowledge of HTML, Java

  • Understand animation and broadcast design

  • Own large tracts of land we can holiday to



Why Nicework?

  • We actively invest in learning at the company. There is a seat on a design thinking course at the Delft university waiting for you

  • We organise CreativeMornings Johannesburg -

  • We have an unlimited leave structure

  • Personal coach every month

  • We work with both medium to large companies and big corporates across a variety of media

  • Being part of a dynamic growing team

  • All the snacks you can eat

Nicework is a great place to work. You will grow, learn and have fun doing it. We built the business to feel like a family and everyone here has everyone else’s back. It’s not for everyone but you are not just anyone now are you?

How to apply

If this sounds like the shizzle, please send a short email to info @ nicework dot co dot za. Put the position you're applying for and your name in the subject line. Include some information about yourself and why you think would be an asset to the business. Don't forget to attach your CV.

Public service announcements:

  1. Proofread! Make sure the spelling, punctuation and language are good. Show that you care :)

  2. If you are from a recruitment agency, please do not get in touch. We understand that you are trying to do your job, but there is no honey here. Sorry.