NICE Magazine 13: Contrast & Contradiction

For out latest issue we have chosen the topic of Contrast & Contradiction. You can enjoy the work of Chelsea Hantken, Richard Ankrom, Doyelle Blaine Muise, Kevin Cooley and Mathieu St-Pierre. We go on a photographic journey with Christopher Jonassen, Connie McDonald, Sean Tucker, Jono van Deventer, Michelle van Aswegen. Get a view into the different works spaces of Cerebra, Missing link, Dokter and Missus, Arline Stoffberg, Instant Grass and Fallen Hero’s. Come and visit the fanciful worlds of Jee-Young Lee. There is also our first piece of purpose written prose by Amy Searle "Colour in the Grey"

We have managed to combine some of our favourite things, combat and illustration into a single feature, the Art Fight. See some of our favourite talents from around the world pitted against each other:

  • Alice Edy vs Andy Wyeth
  • Gerhard van Wyk vs Louis Minnaar
  • Gerhard Human vs Kirstin Uken
  • Renate van Rensburg vs Ruschka du Toit
  • Lize-Marie Dreyer vs Brent Swart
  • A pair of Niceworkers also battle it out Candice Bondi vs Luci Badenhorst

All the usual suspects are there including tasteful side boob and a pair of fuchsia panties. Enjoy.

NICE Magazine is an online magazine that showcases talented designers, illustrators and other extraordinary creatives.
It is produced by Nicework with love, blood sweat and tears. Please enjoy.

NICE Magazine 12: Monochrome

Welcome to the Monochrome issue! We went a-huntin’ for the best fine art, illustration, tattoo design, graphic design, package design and photography we could find. The only requirement: monochrome.

Because it was Christmas, we also snuck our annual wish lists in there. Have we done great work for you this year? Well, now you know how you can reward us. Nudge nudge. I want that bicycle.

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NICE Magazine 11: Go Outside

It’s the Go Outside issue! You can look forward to exciting features on photographers, festivals, illustrators and objects, as well as a fun little present from us. There’s still time before winter closes in down here in Jo’burg – so read the issue, get inspired and go outside. Northern Hemisphere friends: it’s summer for you. No excuses.

This issue also features the first in a series of exciting artist video features that we’ll be doing periodically from now on! For its debut, please enjoy an introduction to Joe Paine and his incredible Mechanical Bureau.

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NICE Magazine: The 9 3/4 Issue

In this edition we catch up with a few creative folk to find out what projects they’re involved in and why they do what they do. We chat to Anna Savage, the lady who started Durban’s first craft and design market, then also from Durban is Judd Campell who runs the ever popular eco-restaurant Corner Cafe. Then we hear from Indiana Harris all about vintage treasure hunting and NiceFind, and Wolfgang Jr. fills us in on Brak, his upstart furniture design company. Lastly Lisa Jaffe chats about her approach to her label, Guillotine.

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NICE Magazine visited the studio of Johannesburg-based industrial designer Joe Paine to delve into the creative mind behind The Mechanical Bureau, which was shortlisted for this year's Most Beautiful Object in South Africa Award at Design Indaba. We couldn't have chosen a better candidate than Joe Paine for the debut of NICE Magazine's video artist profiles. Take a look at his creative process and keep on checking back for more interviews! 

NICE Magazine 09: Collaboration

The theme of our 9th issue is “Collaboration”. In it we’ve explored exceptional creative work that spans a wide and diverse range of media. In the spirit of collaboration, we got all the members of the Nicework team involved. From submitting visual features, to drawing exquisite corpses, to submitting songs for a mix-mash mixtape (look out for the broadcast happening right here on Nicework Ramble soon), everyone added their bit. We think it’s made for an exciting magazine.

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NICE Magazine 08: Cities

The theme of our 8th issue is “Cities”. We have selected exceptional creative work from established or emergent design and art capitals of the world, including: Monterrey, Reykjavik, New York, Johannesburg, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Expect a killer line-up of inspiring art, design, fashion, photography and typography.

For our cover, our talented senior designer Arline Stoffberg, created icon sets for each of the selected cities. Can you guess which one is which? We think she did a sterling job.

Read the other ones? Read this one too.

NICE Magazine 07: Handmade

Our theme for this issue is “Handmade”. Expect a splendid selection of design, art, fashion, illustration, food and advertising, with a handcrafted or artisanal quality.

For this issue we created not one, but four unique handmade covers – one is screenprinted, one is a lino print and the other two are stitched. We hope you like them.

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NICE Magazine 06: Stuff

For this issue we have chosen “Stuff” as our theme, which is inspired by the coming festive season. We have carefully selected a great mix of design, illustration, advertising, art and design objects that we think stands out from the rest. 

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NICE Magazine 05: Food

For this issue we have chosen “Forks & Knives” as our theme and it’s all about food. Expect an aesthetic mix of design, illustration, advertising, art and publishing that celebrates food, cooking and eating in all its forms.

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NICE Magazine 04: Colour

Lets explore "colour" (color for our American readers). We explore colour in all it's forms. Expect the usual dose of top-notch design, art, publishing and illustration from the world’s finest creatives.

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NICE Magazine 03: Tactile

We have chosen “Tactile” as our theme for this issue. All our content has been carefully curated to showcase creative work that displays a focused eye for pattern, texture and material.

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NICE Magazine 02: Places and Spaces

This issue we focused on "places & spaces", which has been interpreted both literally and abstractly throughout the magazines pages.

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NICE Magazine 01: The Design Object

We have created a free downloadable magazine called NICE that showcases the cream of the creative crop. From art and illustration to design of all kinds we’ve rounded up the best for you to feast your greedy eyes on.  Why an online magazine? Well it saves the rain-forests for one and that is a good enough reason for us.

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