Nicework uses strategy and design to solve communication problems for clients. We tell visual stories that are clear, engaging and crafted specifically to your audience.

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Our methodology is borne of hundreds of client interactions and years of experience. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity!



Expect lots of questions. To create value, we need the right inputs. Value proposition, market and audience are the first stop. Then your brand, messaging and marketing materials.



Re-framing your brand and communications to uncover patterns, gaps and opportunities. Funnily enough, expect more questions.



We’ll present our findings and ask you to prioritise the work needed. It won’t be easy but it will get everyone aligned and clear on the vision and plan.



All this strategy has to actually come to life! Our design, illustration and video skills will tell your story to your audience in a way that makes your competitors sad.


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6X increase in reports from the website in the first month since launch!

Understanding our key audience, accessible information and easy corruption to reporting were top of the agenda on this project.

The styling uses bold and contrasting colours to re-enforce the message that Corruption Watch is brazen in it’s approach to uncovering corruption wherever it lies. Illustrations are used throughout the website to add visual interest and help guide users. 

I cannot tell you how well received our website is and how positive the feedback is that I am getting from so many different sides. I think that we and Nicework really need to be on the lookout for entering this into the various website awards for design, functionality and content.
— David Lewis, Executive Director


Cerebra is a communication agency that had outgrown their branding and asked us to create a more contemporary identity which still retained the brain iconography from their old logo.

Based on our recipe, each of Cerebra’s 43 staff members received their own unique brand mark, which we rolled out on all their stationery. We also updated their presentations, website and social media profiles to reflect the new brand. 

Feedback on the new Cerebra branding has been overwhelmingly positive. We wanted it to reflect our core offerings, shift in focus and culture - all of which it does brilliantly across our website, stationary and marketing material.
— Mike Stopforth, CEO


Retroviral is an online communications agency that works with you to enhance your presence on the web. They approached Nicework to rebrand them as they had outgrown their current look and were looking for something more exciting to represent the company they had become.


We were asked by Trainiac to conceptualise, plan out and design a set of explanatory cards that could be used as a presentation aid in client pitch meetings, and also as a leave-behind. We later adapted the cards into an animated explainer video, and continue to collaborate with Trainiac on other projects. Why not meet joe?

Have a look at their website


There are few things we love more in life than branding and animation. After many drinks one night we realised that we had an opportunity to combine these two passions. The result is 85 seconds of pure brand marks in motion. Go make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy.



Each day (of the last 9 years) has held a chance to kick butt for our clients and use our skill and experience to make their businesses better. This is what makes us different from all the others. The idea that design drives business.

We are growing fast and if you are the right candidate your days will be filled with interesting work, friendly chatter, baked goods and personal growth.

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We believe an inactive brain is a dead one, so we like to get involved in many things. Read our blog, watch an inspirational CreativeMornings video or read a copy of NICE magazine



Want a curated feed of the best design, animation and creativity from around the web? The Nicework Ramble is the thing for you. Don’t believe us? Click here to have a look. We post the most exciting things we find on the web every day, as well as our own projects, longer posts about the brainwork behind design.

Searching for a really good reason to rebrand 

After nearly 9 years we have decided to take our old logo down off the shelf and replace it with a new and shiny one. This was not an easy decision because our logo is near and dear to us. It has stood us through good and bad. It never judged us when we went off and opened clubs, sold t-shirts or rented a wheelbarrow for R10 000 (true story). Our logo has been with us from day 1. So we needed a really good reason to rebrand.



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Craig Rodney speaks to us about the side project to his talk on side projects

After failing to build a career as an average to poor golfer, Craig started his first business, a technology focused communication agency, in 2002. As a passion project, Craig started and runs the @southafrica Instagram account and his spare time is filled with any combination of sport and travel, from fishing to snowboarding or surfing.


NICE Magazine, a free online magazine that showcases talented designers, illustrators and other extraordinary creatives. We try make 3 a year but sometimes it does not work out that way. You can have a look at it right here

For out latest issue we have chosen the topic of Contrast & Contradiction.You can enjoy the work of Chelsea Hantken, Richard Ankrom, Doyelle Blaine Muise, Kevin Cooley and Mathieu St-Pierre. We go on a photographic journey with Christopher Jonassen, Connie McDonald, Sean Tucker, Jono van Deventer, Michelle van Aswegen. Get a view into the different works spaces of Cerebra, Missing link, Dokter and Missus, Arline Stoffberg, Instant Grass and Fallen Hero’s. Come and visit the fanciful worlds of Jee-Young Lee. There is also our first piece of purpose written prose by Amy Searle "Colour in the Grey"