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So what is causing things to move from it’s discombobulated to  “it's really very complicated” in the world of brand communications?

Well, a few things actually. In Episode #2 of One More Question, a fearless podcast by the people of Nicework. Ross Drakes founder of Nicework, a Brand and Service Design Company, explores the various trends disrupting the business as usual of traditional brand communications. He talks to Dion Chang founder of Flux Trends and one of South Africa’s most respected trends experts, about the complex state of affairs and the issues brands have to face in the new era of the 21st century.

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About Dion

Dion Chang is a strategic thinker, keynote speaker, a walking ideas bank and professional cage rattler. He is one of South Africa’s most respected trend analysts and founder of Flux Trends, which takes the unique view of “trends as business strategy”.

Flux Trends specialises in identifying unexpected business opportunities within shifting trends, and specifically the impact of disruptive technologies - across all industries - ensuring that global trends have relevance when translated for African, and South African businesses.

Dion is passionate about assisting companies embrace change and embedding a culture of innovation into corporate operating systems. As a result, he is used as a management consultant for businesses facing disruption and challenged with adapting to a new world order.

He lectures Foresight and Innovation Implementation modules for executives and senior management at various business schools, including GIBS, UCT’s Graduate School of Business and Duke CE. He has devised and hosted three trend conferences and published three trend books.

Apart from being an information source for cross-industry trends for many journalists, he also writes columns for City Press, Acumen (a C-suite business quarterly for GIBS) and is a regular podcast contributor to eBizRadio, as well as the #TrendFit business slot on The Carmen Murray Show.His 20-year experience in the media industry as a journalist and media spokesperson, enables him to provide insights into the ever-changing relationship between brands, consumers and the communication channels that bind them. He has a deep passion for youth trends and subcultures, as well as for innovation for greater good. He is an intrepid traveller, global citizen and proud South African.

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One More Question is a podcast by Nicework a Brand and Service Design Company. One of the things we do best is asking our clients the right questions. This podcast came about because we want to share some of the best answers we have heard over the last 12 years. We talk to significant creators, experts and communicators who we have encountered. To share the useful insights, inspirations and facts that made us stop and take notes as we go about our work. Hosted by our founder Ross Drakes.

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