Donovan Goliath - Marketing is tactical. Comedy is brand building.


In Episode #7 of One More Question Ross speaks to Donovan Goliath — comedian, businessman, and former Art Director — about finding his way into comedy, building a strong brand by answering a need, and a huge, scary opportunity that became a reality.

Donovan Goliath was born and raised to be a comedian — not through intention, but through life experience and stories. He found his way into comedy after watching 'Tol Ass Mo perform and realising that he, too, had stories to tell.

Through comedy, he founded and built Goliath and Goliath, one of the strongest comedy brands in South Africa, and helped to change the face of South African comedy for the better.

We sat down with Donovan to find out more about his journey into comedy, building a strong brand by doing the most effective things to get yourself noticed, and the next steps for Goliath and Goliath.

It’s the perfect follow up from Spillly’s lessons on defining your niche.

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More about Donovan

Donovan Goliath is a comedian, co-owner of the Melville Comedy Club and the award-winning entertainment brand, GOLIATH AND GOLIATH.

He is most recognisable for the role he had as the host of The Real Goboza, which is one of South Africa’s most watched television shows, and is also an expert in delivering master classes on marketing, design and creativity.

Funny enough, Donovan is a Caucasian-looking, coloured guy from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape who speaks fluent isiXhosa, giving ‘diversity’ a whole new meaning.

What’s significant about him is that he has no blood relation to any of the Goliath stakeholders in SA comedy, but he simply shares a passion for the same sector.

He left his lucrative advertising job for a full-time career in comedy and his acts are based around insightful storytelling and simple truths by using various characters and impersonations, which he invents. Today, he has risen as a social media star through the character, Donny Custard.

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