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Loic Potjes - An offer no one can refuse


So how do you really scale, exponentially?

In the world where words like disruption, scale and exponential growth buzz around in boardrooms, consulting firms and venture capital presentation decks, we explore the steps that go into turning loss-making donkeys into fine fillies without overcapitalising on resources while building sticky brands with crazy goals.

We are super excited to launch the first episode of our podcast One More Question featuring a conversation with Loic Potjes, Managing Director from Disruptive Leap and our founder Ross Drakes, who offer some practical insights in turning a business around or preparing for scale and exponential growth, in a world where speed to market separates legacy constrained businesses from profitable agile businesses on an “offer no-one can refuse”.

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About Loic

Managing Director, Disruptive Leap Loic has 15 years’ experience at the helm of corporations, and as a CEO, in Africa and Europe has managed turnarounds, market entries, mergers and acquisitions, driven exponential scaling, differentiated and disruptive changes successfully. An alumni of Singularity University, London Business School, Louvain School of Management and GIBS, Loic is a versatile multilingual creative maverick, intuitive strategist, with a solid track record in shaping organizations into their future selves. He is a regular speaker on CNBC and other media platforms. Loic is an engaged Young Presidents Organization (YPO) member, and serves on various boards. Disruptive Leap is an Advisory and Investment boutique firm. It specializes on getting organisations to 10X their growth and margins through a distinct disruptive journey.

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