Mike Stopforth - Bonus Episode: Social Media and Creativity


Is this Episode #10.5 or is it Episode #11? We haven’t quite decided.

This episode was recorded three years ago when we first started experimenting with podcasting. We thought we’d pull it from the archives and use it as bonus content for Episode #10 of OneMoreQuestion with Mike Stopforth, (now) ex-CEO of Cerebra.

In Episode #10, Mike sat down with Ross and Ben to chat about social media and creativity — he even managed to flip the interview on Ross and Ben, getting them to answer a few questions (we were still new at podcasting).

This episode is a great look into what we consider creativity to be and how creativity is harnessed in businesses, it also gives some thought to why we should use external partners on larger internal projects, even if we have the skills in-house.

More about Mike 

Mike Stopforth is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker. He is particularly passionate about transformational leadership and organisational change, and enjoys helping fellow business owners, executive teams and CEOs get the best out of their people, especially in the midst of rapid political, environmental and socio-economic change. In this line of work he is often invited to offer business commentary for industry publications, on TV and on radio.

In 2006, after a short and colourful career in sales (that included peddling welding machines and earth-moving machinery spares), he took the entrepreneurial plunge and started a company called Cerebra. With a specialist focus on digital content and engagement, Cerebra won numerous multinational accounts and grew quickly to become South Africa’s leading social media agency. In his role as CEO of the business, he had the privilege of working with Coca-Cola, Samsung, Toyota, Vodafone, AB InBev, Google, Ford, Huawei, Barclays, and many other remarkable brands. Cerebra was acquired by global advertising giant WPP in 2013.

In 2007, Mike co-founded a web start-up called Afrigator.com that was acquired by Naspers just 18 months later. Around the same time, he began hosting a popular networking event called the 27dinners, which went on to catalyse business collaborations and relationships through hundreds of successful events.

You can find more on Mike, here:

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