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Nick Argyros - Do Humans Prefer To Talk To Machines?


In this world of content marketing and automation, are consumers happy to talk to robots and to get an auto-generic service or do people still prefer to use human interface?

Turns out that 60% of us like the smart Bot and about 40% of us like interfacing with humans, according to Nick Argyros. Could this be a generational thing?

In Episode #4 of One More Question our self-learning podcast, our Founder, Ross Drakes gets into some risky ideas about robots, the pros and cons of smart machine learning and AI technology that could help your brand grow or kill it, along with some humans. Yep, it really could be a moral dilemma depending on your view of Schrödinger's cat. Ross talks to Nick Argyros  Co-Founder and Director of INJOZI Digital Design, Audio Militia and GotBot AI Solutions, his machine learning, AI conversation Bot that can automate workflow and help your brand engage seamlessly with customers, also stick around to learn from Nick’s multiple business growth adventures.


After years of experience in a multitude of creative and technology-based disciplines, Nick Argyros is now the Co-Founder and Director of INJOZI Digital Design, Audio Militia and GotBot AI Solutions. Establishing the INJOZI Digital team in 2008, Nick has headed the agency for over a decade, receiving numerous accolades along the way, including multiple Promax, Bookmark, Midas, Clio, FWA and Loerie Awards. Audio Militia has similarly seen glory at the Loeries under his curatorship and was even recently credited on a Cannes Grand Prix winning project. Both businesses have been voted into the top 3 Digital Agency and Audio Post-production companies on the continent, over the years 2016/17/18. The newest member of his growing business conglomerate, GotBot AI, was selected as one of the Top 10 start-up companies on the African continent in 2017. Nick’s undeniable experience in the machine-learning sector has also seen him presenting, demonstrating and introducing the product to local and international audiences, from WPP Stream to Viva Tech Paris 2018.

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The Grind Coffee Company

Melrose Arch

Talks: Digital Kung Fu


One More Question is a podcast by Nicework a Brand and Service Design Company. One of the things we do best is asking our clients the right questions. This podcast came about because we want to share some of the best answers we have heard over the last 12 years. We talk to significant creators, experts and communicators who we have encountered. To share the useful insights, inspirations and facts that made us stop and take notes as we go about our work. Hosted by our Founder Ross Drakes.

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